Our Curriculum - E-learning

At Laburnum Primary School we understand that we are preparing our students to live and work in a world very different to the one we grew up in. With the growing prevalence of Internet access, computers and mobile devices in our daily lives, we know that our students come to school with significant skills in this area. Based on global educational research in these areas, our use of technologies across the school is aimed to enhance the learning, growth and development of our students across the curriculum. Our approach is always to consider the learning first and the ICT tool second. This means we are able to maintain our focus on curriculum content allowing us to integrate technology to enhance learning. Laburnum PS is extremely well resourced and each year level has access to a range of ICT tools for learning.

Both cyber-safety and cyber-citizenship are integral and ongoing parts of Laburnum's student-welfare and ICT curriculum programs across the school. Teachers introduce, reiterate and discuss online behaviour and action plans regularly with students across the school. This important area is regularly reviewed and updated as the cyber-world changes around us.

At Laburnum Primary School, ICT is used as a tool to ensure that your child experiences the most relevant and purposeful learning based on their personal needs; ICT is not a stand-alone curriculum area but a range of tools that enhance and extend your child's learning in all subject areas.